How to Store Summer Shoes for the Winter

KBB_storing_summer_shoes_1I love fall for many reasons, but one of my least favourite things to do during this season is say good-bye to what I consider to be a pretty fabulous shoe collection. Even though an ex used to tease me that I have feet like Frodo (he often asked me how I enjoyed my trip to Mordor), I love wearing sandals because of all the beautiful bright colors and funky styles.

Eventually it comes to the point where peep-toes become unacceptable, so it’s time to put away my summer shoes for the winter. Usually I do this when I’m switching from my spring/summer wardrobe to my fall/winter wardrobe.

KBB_storing_summer_shoes_2I first prep my shoes for storage by wiping them down with a barely damp cloth or paper towel to try and rid them of some of the dirt and grime that have built up over the summer. Then I zip zippers and do up buckles and place them on a sheet of newspaper where I spray them with an all-purpose protector spray. You can usually find these at any place that sells shoes. Depending on the brand you need to let those puppies dry for about 1 hour. Make sure it’s in a well-ventilated area because that stuff stinks!

For shoes that are made of real leather I go the extra mile to use a bit of mink oil to protect and condition my shoes to make them last longer. Before using, test on a small, barely visible area in case it darkens the leather. I have found, however, that this is usually only temporary.

For those of you who have never used mink oil before, less is more, otherwise you’re going to find yourself oilier than take-out fish and chips. Squirt a small amount onto a paper towel or rag and rub into the shoe, working with small areas at a time. Use a second paper towel or rag to wipe off any excess.

Let the mink oil cure on your shoes for a couple of hours before storing. I store mine in clear plastic, stackable shoeboxes that fit on the top shelf of my closet perfectly.

This would also be the perfect time to give those boots a little loving before wearing them this season. Spray them down and oil them up and they’ll be in good shape for the rest of the season.

I’m always sad to say good-bye to my summer shoes but let’s face it- there’s are a lot of cute boots out this season too.


Do a creative way of stashing your shoes away for the winter? Write me at or comment below. For more organizing ideas that aren’t quite as fabulous as your shoes (but let’s face it, are almost just as good), visit my busy page.

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