Do You Have 5 Minutes?

As the days get shorter and the number of tasks on our to-do lists grows ever longer, it’s hard to figure out sometimes even what needs to be done, let alone how much time you need to complete these projects. I’m constantly trying to find ways to maximize the spare moments in time I manage to capture throughout my day. This week, I’m blogging about what to do when you only have a minimal amount of time.

Five minutes of free time may not actually seem like a lot, and it’s certainly not enough to put on a calendar. But if you’re waiting around for your kettle to boil, or on hold on your phone, or even waiting for the bus, there’s still lots of things you can accomplish within that small time frame. Who knows? Filling those gaps that occur over the workday just might be the key to avoiding that long list of minor to-dos that never seem to get accomplished. Here’s what you can do with only 5 minutes.

When You’re at Home
• make your bed (I timed this one and believe me- it really only does take 5 minutes instead of the half hour I convince myself it will take every morning)
• deadhead a houseplant
• change out hand towels/dish towels/rags/sponges
• wipe down one surface (a counter, sink, dresser…you choose!)
• shake out doormat/throw rug

When You’re at Work
• dust laptop or computer keyboard
• consolidate the unused hangers in your closet
• wipe down your desk
• clean phone, tablet, or laptop cord

When You’re Out and About
• delete old photos or unused apps off of your phone
• check privacy settings on your favourite social app
• clean your phone screen
• check (and delete!) your junk mail

Here’s to a more productive day!

I’m always looking for the best ways to manage my time and workflow more effectively and efficiently. If you’re looking for more ways to increase your productivity as well, click here for more strategies that I’ve developed and researched and here for more ways to stay organized. For more ways to deal with your busy lifestyle, click here.

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