How Do You Cope with Stress?

Lately it seems like every little thing under the sun has the capacity to stress me out. I call this feeling “the octopus” because once you start feeling anxious about one thing, those tentacles of anxiety reach out and grab anything else orbiting around your mind. Suddenly, one minor issue has turned into several and you’re no longer sure which one originally caused the churning feeling in your stomach.

In situations such as these, I have a favorite stress reliever that I usually turn to. Some of my more stressful moments have manifested themselves into these creations below. Can you guess what I like to do when I’m stressed out?

Ā photo

It may not be so good for the waistline, but I’ve found it to be a (relatively) healthy and productive way of dealing with my workload. The satisfaction that comes with creation is surprisingly soothing!

How do you cope with all of your stress?


When Iā€™m not eating my own body weight in cookies, you can also find me dealing with my stress by tuning out with a good book. Read about more of my selections here or follow me on Goodreads so you can creep my virtual bookshelves. Interested in my favourite stress relief method? Choose your poison here.


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