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Hi, my name is B and welcome to my little slice of the internet where I blog about finding balance while running a small business. When I’m not organizing and writing for other people, you’ll find me in the kitchen baking. Something else you should know about me: I never leave the house without a book.

Can you tell I like keeping busy?

I love sharing my favorite stories and solutions I’ve collected over my years of freelancing on how to achieve professional and personal success through improved productivity, organization and interpersonal relationships. It’s my belief that excessive reading and chocolate consumption also contribute to success, so I talk a lot about those too.

When I’m not glued to my work or my blog, I give my eyes a break by tweeting sweet nothings, tracking my reads on Goodreads, pinning everything I can get my hands on and posting excessive pictures of my dog on Instagram. I hope I meet some of you there, too.

Thanks for joining me on my journey for a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle in this crazy, stress-ridden world. It’s way more fun with you along!

Love, B


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