Organizing Solutions

Projects around the home may make some people feel exasperated and overwhelmed, but I get exhilarated at the thought of an organized bathroom cabinet or a more efficient way of filing my documents. I love to research and write about this subject all the time, and I’m sharing my favorite tips and tricks that have worked for me, my clients and other bloggers across the web.

Here what’s been helping me keep organized:

Everything you need to know about your new computer.

This makes all the difference to your morning routine.

KBB_organizing_dilemmasThese organizing dilemmas have me at a loss.

KBB_paint_cansThe trick to making over your space. (Spoiler alert: it’s you!)

KBB_recycled_paperDo not get rid of these documents. No, no, no.

KBB_shreddingFind out just how powerful The Purge can be.

KBB_editing_your_photo_collectionDigital photo backlog, solved.


Snowy evenings just got a little more productive.

KBB_colourful_calendar_closeupThis is the key to running my life.


Got a rainy afternoon with nothing to do?


10 organizing myths get busted.


Start here if you’re feeling a little bit lost.


Organizing getting out of hand? Never!