Balancing Solutions

I call this blog Keeping Busy with B because a) my first initial is B; and b) because I always find some way of being busy. With any number of projects on the go at any given time, I’m never bored. And that’s kind of like life these days- everyone rushes around doing errands, checking things off of to-do lists and getting things done. It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed, so I share my struggles on finding balance with the hope that other people will benefit from my experience (or commiserate!)

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned on the journey on finding balance:

Take a look at yourself to make a change.

5 rules for relationships.

Why it’s important to stay connected to friends.

You are your own goal-keeper.

5 simple resolutions that you can make at any time of year, really.

When the weather’s cold and you’re feeling blue.

It’s about who you like, not who likes you.

Why you should take up journaling.

You just do you.

Here’s how to get back to it.

Bridesmaid 101


Yes, you can stay healthy and be busy.


You gotta take the good, the bad, and the blips.


The power of a random act of kindness.


Click here if you’re in crisis.


Working when you’re sick is a drag. Here’s your RX.


Words of wisdom when you’re suffering from a crisis.

kbb_fizzy_flower30 seconds can make a big difference.

KBB_summer_dayHow to track all the things you wish and hope for.

KBB_batteriesWhat to do when you’re feeling burned out.

KBB_peacock_mugRead this for better brain health.


Bedtime is not just for babies.

photoThis is my favorite coping mechanism.

KBB_transfer_craneOld sayings get all jumbled up here. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. Maybe just one old saying.