Productivity Solutions

It’s hard to talk about being busy without talking about the best way to keep busy, and I’ve searched every corner of the globe to bring you timely tips and clever shortcuts to keep everything in your life under control.

Here are some of the ways I try to keep my schedule under control:

My favourite new way of getting things done.

The case for keeping your old agenda.

How a bunch of lists can help you stay organized (and happy!).

Stop talking about what you need to do.

15-minute solutions for making your day more productive.

Only have 10 minutes? No problem.

Oh the things you can do with only 5 minutes!

Just say no to miserable Mondays.

kbb-perfect-plannersSomewhere, out there, there was a planner made for you.

KBB_notebook_and_coffee_cupKind of like the weekly review, but for the whole year.

kbb_better_notesWhen the urge to procrastinate lies within.

KBB_colourful_calendar_closeupWhy a soft deadline will save your life.

IMG_1030The struggle for perfection is real.

KBB_blue_and_brown_notebooksHow I achieve a state of maximum productivity.

KBB_red_notebook_and_penYour prescription for chronic lateness has been filled.

KBB_coffee_beansReally not a morning person? Better read this one too.

KBB_coffee_beans_with_spoonNot a morning person? Read this post.

KBB_blue_notebook_blue_mugMy secrets to playing catch-up.

KBB_magazine_filesI changed the way I looked at projects.


Still not read my post on procrastinating? Better procrastinate on reading this one too.


Feel like you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Read this.

KBB_stack_of_filingTransform your to-dos with this easy trick.

KBB_nothing_can_stop_me_nowA change is the seasons is a good excuse to change your routine.


Transform big tasks into small tasks with this magic trick.

KBB_beautiful_streetThe power of changing it up.


Read this post later.