Welcome Spring!

Spring Shoes

This is it. This is the weather I’ve been waiting for. I’ve lasted through the snow, the slush, more snow and than all of those weeks of rain in order to enjoy the weather that we had this past weekend, and the weather that we have today.

I used to love summer when I was a kid because it meant three things: the first, of course, was that it meant no school but also because it was my birthday. (Cough, cough). Plus, my family had this crazy above-ground kiddie pool that was really quite massive and deep- so much so that it would take hours to fill. That was the third best thing about summer: I loved to swim. I would stay in the water for hours. I still love it even though I’m afraid of a) deep water in places such as oceans; 2) giant waves can occur in deep water, such as oceans; c) not being able to see where I’m going in a large body of water because a giant wave will wash the contacts out of my eyes, like what might happen in an ocean; and d) bathing suits. So maybe swimming now isn’t quite what it used to be.

Somewhere in my teens though, this weird change happened to my body. (No, it wasn’t puberty, you perve, although that did happen as well, thank you very much.) I started to feel temperature.

I know it sounds strange, but think about it. When you were a kid do you have any memories of you when you were extremely hot? Extremely cold? Not really! (Exceptions might be if you enjoyed exploring volcanic craters on family vacations, or if you ever fell through a frozen lake, or down a well.)

One of the reasons I stopped liking summer so much definitely had to do with me realizing how freaking hot it actually was (and not having an air conditioner aided me in this realization). But I still prefer warm weather to cool and so I transferred my affection for summer to spring when I began seeing the season for what it is: a mild, beautiful season where the weather is pleasant enough to spend time outside, but not so crazy hot that I am required to wear a tank top.

So, hello spring! Welcome! Despite the fact that right now I feel super stressed, because of you I can walk from one place of employment to another and actually enjoy myself!

And to summer, who I know is lurking in the wings at the moment because we live in Canada, and spring is often short-lived; can you lurk just a little while longer? Until I get some air conditioning? Indulge me a little. I don’t want to have a birthday just yet, either.


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